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Take the Stress Out of Medical Billing with Zen Medical Services

Focus on your practice, let us handle the Bills.

Online Medical Consultant  | Medical Billing Services in San Jose, California.
How it works

How It Works

Approximately 98% claims get paid - our processes are swift and we ensure our Doctors focus on the patients without any worry about the revenue

Online Medical Consultant  | Medical Billing Services in San Jose, California.

We will help you analyze your practice free of charge. This will allow you to assess overall health of your practice. Will show you your account receivables by major insurance companies, type of service and provider wise. Also we will help you identify major cause of denials and rejections. The business associate agreement will be signed to protect PHI. This is with no obligation to sign up for our services.


At our core, we believe in a collaborative and customized approach that puts our clients' unique needs and goals first. We work closely with each client to understand their specific challenges and opportunities, and then leverage our expertise, resources, and technology to develop tailored solutions that deliver measurable results. We are committed to providing exceptional service and support every step of the way.

Few of Our Many Clients

I have been working with Zen Medical Services for close to 6 years now and they have been an invaluable partner in our practice. Not only have they managed our billing and claim processing with the utmost efficiency, their team has also taken the time to educate our front staff on new rules for payers, and suggest making the necessary changes to maximize patient and insurance collection. Additionally, they have provided invaluable assistance in managing our MIPS reporting and maximizing our score. I would highly recommend Zen Medical Services to any medical practice looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced billing partner.

Zen Medical Services has been managing the billing process for my practice since 2015. The Zen team is friendly, punctual,knowledgeable, committed and hardworking. They have managed my revenue cycle very effectively. I get my reports on time and have regular meetings to go over the health of my practice. They educate me on upcoming healthcare billing and coding changes as well as credentialing updates. I value their work and appreciate their support !! 

I have been using Zen Medical Service for close to 9 years now and I am extremely satisfied with their medical billing and claim processing services. They have always been a great help to our front staff, guiding them through new rules for payers and making all the necessary changes to maximize patient and insurance collection. Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff have always been prompt in responding to our needs and have resolved any issues that may have arisen swiftly. I highly recommend Zen Medical Service for anyone looking for great medical billing services.

It has been a pleasure working with the Zen team. We moved from one software to another with Zen and the Zen team managed to make sure our cash flow was consistent. We are very impressed with Zen's working style. The Zen team is committed, dedicated and hardworking. We recommend them to any other practice who want to streamline their billing and improve cash flow.

Asad Cheema, MD, Pain Medicine, Joliet, IL

Ming Fang, MD, Gastroenterology, Walnutcreek, CA

Sarbjit Hundal, MD, Ophthalmologist, Fremont , CA

Dr. Ernest Ribera M.D., Gastroenterologist in Burlingame, CA

Certified. Experienced. Compassionate.

We have been working in the industry for over a decade now. Established in 2012, Zen Medical Services offers swift services to Medical Practitioners boosting their revenues by 10-15% with our expertise in Revenue Cycle Management. 

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