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  • Binta Patel

#BillingTips 8: Review daily correspondence

As a healthcare provider, it's essential to stay informed about payer policies and updates to ensure you receive timely and accurate reimbursement for your services. The best way to stay informed is by reviewing daily correspondence from payers, including policy updates, claims denials, credentialing status, refunds, appeals outcomes, provider directory data, and demographic data.

Policy updates: Payers may make changes to their policies and guidelines, such as new covered services, changes to billing rules, and updated reimbursement rates. It's crucial to stay informed of these changes to ensure you bill correctly and receive accurate reimbursement.

Claims denials: Correspondence from payers may include details about denied claims. It's important to review these denials to understand why they were denied and take corrective action to prevent future denials.

Credentialing status: Check for any information on expired credentials, such as licenses, certifications, or accreditations. Keeping your credentials up-to-date ensures you maintain your status as a provider with the payer.

Refunds: Payers may request refunds of overpayments. It's important to review these requests to ensure they are accurate and timely to avoid any negative impacts on your cash flow.

Appeals outcome: Correspondence from payers may provide updates on appeals, such as the status of a previously denied claim. Reviewing these updates can help you understand the payer's reasoning and determine if additional action is needed.

Provider directory data: Payers may ask for updated provider directory information to ensure that patients can find you. It's important to keep your information up-to-date to avoid any disruptions in patient care.

Demographic data: Payers may provide updates on how to update your demographic data with them. Ensuring that your demographic data is accurate helps to prevent any issues with claim submissions.

By staying informed about payer policies and updates, you can ensure that you are submitting claims accurately and receiving timely and accurate reimbursement for your services. Regularly reviewing daily correspondence is a critical step in achieving financial success for your medical practice.

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